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100% Financing on FHA loan!!! Same Day Approval! Fast Closings!

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No Money Down on FHA Loans🚫💲
Video Transcription

Leslie Bennett: As we all know, it’s that time again, tax refund time. I am so excited today for a Learn About Loans 2019 because I’ve got Dave Tallman with me here and he’s with Mortgage Solutions of Georgia a.k.a. the Go To Guys. He’s one of the Go To Guys.

Dave Tallman: Yep.

Leslie Bennett: He’s gonna tell you the best way you can maximize your tax refund and get approved and buy a house in 2019. Take it away, Dave.

Dave Tallman: Alright, well we have some exciting news today. We are now offering 100% financing on FHA transactions. So this is a really great opportunity. A lot of people go through the year, they wanna buy a house, but maybe they’ve accumulated some debt throughout the year. So what we propose that you do is, instead of getting your tax refund and putting a down as a down payment, maybe what we do instead is we get your tax refund and we use that money to pay off all of your debt-

Leslie Bennett: Right.

Dave Tallman: … Which is probably gonna be at a much higher interest rate ’cause some-

Leslie Bennett: Right.

Dave Tallman: … credit cards and auto loans are gonna be 15%, 25%, right?

Leslie Bennett: Right, right.

Dave Tallman: When the fact is, you can get a home loan for a 30-year fixed at like a rate in the fours, right?

Leslie Bennett: Wow.

Dave Tallman: So this loan actually enables you to get 100% financing on a FHA transaction. It’s really good financing. We’re the only ones to offer it. So if you’re interested, if you’d like to get pre-qualified, we do same-day pre-qualifications. Talk to Leslie and she’ll hook you up with the right information.

Leslie Bennett: Don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any real estate questions you may have. Leslie Bennett here with Bennett Real Estate Company and Dave Tallman, Go To Guy.

Dave Tallman: Thank you.

Leslie Bennett: Talk to you soon

Dave Tallman: Talk to

Leslie Bennett: Have a great day.

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